Friday Five -week ending 2/8/19

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Is society as a whole open to embracing an elevated attitude of what defines success?

I am extremely interested in psychology and have studied it rather extensively since 2007 as part of my coaching training. After all how can you help a variety of people achieve goals if you don’t understand how different brains work? A thought provoking discussion of a new book by Todd Rose called Dark Horse happened on the January 31st episode of Armchair Expert. As less conventional ways to earn a living become more and more commonplace it’s a timely conversation.

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Practical. Not LAZY.

If you struggle with shoe laces coming undone during your outdoor fitness then hickies are your savior. This isn’t about being easy to slip in and out of shoes, it’s about laces not untying themselves. Who has time to deal with double knots? Who has time to deal with trips and falls on the trail that can result in a longer and painful injury over some errant shoelaces? These are real life problems my friend.

I am finding a bit of a learning curve with them. I am a jogger mostly and buy shoes one size larger than I need to allow for swelling (and to keep the blisters away). I also have narrow feet and Hickies are one size. They felt too tight of a grip of I did the top set of lace holes and the second set from the top also felt odd with how my feet move during activity so I settled on just using them on the lower two sets and it’s perfect.

One pack handled three pair of my athletic shoes so I am ordering 2 more for all the others.

Hickies in action

Hickies in action

Is CBD oil for everyone?

Sigh. Researching this topic, and as a professional writer that is my job, researching things, I do not have a definitive answer here. Years ago when I was doing personal chef work I got myself VERY educated about wine and frankly it was the most difficult thing I have undertaken. I heard recently something about the test to become a sommelier is the most difficult test in the world and I don’t doubt it. CBD oil, drops, vapes and whatever else people use it for is a whole wine type of industry and product.

  • How it’s grown.

  • Where it’s grown. (Reminds me of how the French police wine regions)

  • What strains are grown.

  • What terpenes are prevalent in the strain and growers blend (like notes in a wine)

And there is the whole legality of it all. While I have no doubt whatsoever that the commercially produced CBD products have a positive effect on certain health conditions I have not yet come up with a definitive answer -yet- if these products give an enhanced sense of well being for an otherwise healthy person.

I am not yet committed to guinea pigging myself to find out just yet. I don’t have any of the common issues people buy this product to treat. I sleep well, I don’t have anxiety, stress, pain, depression, ADHD or out of control inflammation but I do get a little brain fog form time to time probably because I am overloading myself with information as a job hazard. Nothing a jog won’t fix. I am hugely sensitive to stimulants and medication so I avoid them entirely outside of a glass of whiskey from time to time. I have never smoked anything and never will but I am intrigued by this.

I know there is a lack of funding for scientific trials for obvious reasons, big pharma competition but I do enjoy and even trust first hand experience testimonials from people who do not benefit by sharing their experiences. No one selling it or social influencers would impact me and probably not you either so the search for the truth will continue.

Would love your comments on this if you’ve used it for overall wellness and not for treating a condition.

Taco Bell’s dietician

Bet you never thought you’d see that as a job title. I admit I didn’t realize Taco Bell is still in business. I am sure there are 20 near me. I live in a big city but they aren’t on my radar. I am not a fast food eater (unless I am on a road trip then all bets are off).

I knew the Bell had a vegetarian menu back from when I was being vegan but still I hadn’t gone to partake. I was cooking all my food. Enter Missy Schaaphok. She is used to people doing a double-take when they hear what she does for a living. “I love telling people that I am a dietician, and then I pause,” Schaaphok said. “Then I tell them I work for Taco Bell, just to see what kind of reaction they give. It’s pretty hilarious.”


Read more in the article here.

A rose by any other name

Dry lips are not cool. Spendy but effective is this gem called baume de rose . There’s no color, no sheen just a little jar of a savior we all need this time of year. It does have a faint smell of fresh roses but no flavor. It is smooth, not sticky. Put on this rolls royce of balms before bed each night. I will not be without it.


That’s a wrap for the week.