Why "Girl, Wash Your Face" is for every kind of woman

Hey girl, hey!

I am late to this Rachel Hollis book party.  I tend to be the one who gives inspiration rather than look for it but when enough of your tribe is on a bandwagon eventually you want the five-minute ride to see what all the fuss is about.


Bandwagon here I come

I have never had a self-esteem issue, I am not a Christian, I never wanted to be a wife and certainly not a mother-isn't that what these types of books are about?  Some yes. This one, no.  While my life is charmed, it certainly has not been without occasional difficulties.  I didn’t feel interested to read this book because I knew the author is a mother and wife.  That demographic is not my tribe.  I am a long time entrepreneur which Hollis is also so there is that. She is a writer too, ding ding winner!  I began to warm up.

Now for the “why you need this book in your life” sentiment

I say with every confidence, this book will positively shift your perspective on many areas of life. Twenty of them to be exact.  If you’re like me (you’re probably not because I am an oddity) and think you don’t want a book that covers parts of life you can’t relate to, remember we’re all humans having a human experience. We come up against struggles with trauma, our bodies, our comparison to others,  our dreams, our inner voice, our vices,  among other lies we tell ourselves.  They are lies the author argues because she challenges you to understand why you thought they were truths to begin with. And outlines why they are untrue.

Stop playing victim

Rachel writes in a fun easy to swallow voice.  She has been through some things, difficult things like many of us have, and came out swinging.   Life does indeed have harsh realities but as we all know, it’s how you deal with adversity that defines you. We are a victim or a survivor. This book not only turns you into a survivor but a thriver.  And while I can’t relate to a handful of chapters I did glean fresh perspectives from other chapters that are invaluable.

I recommend you get this on your bookshelf.  No Kindle .  It's widely available in bookstores and on Amazon. Or borrow it from one of your friends. I am pretty sure they have it.

Girl, wash your face.