How to enjoy Atlanta like a local

Atlanta is a big city that offers a booming social scene, star sightings, and high profile attractions. Yet, if you look at its core, it is a family-friendly location with intimate neighborhoods adjacent to the heart of the action, making it one of the top spots for relocation. Below, we have provided the top 10 things about living in Atlanta.

Get fit. Atlanta ranks high as one of America’s fittest cities. No matter which area of Atlanta people choose to live in everyone is are sure to find nearby neighborhood parks as well as state parks (like Stone Mountain).  There is no shortage of other fitness activities such as specialty gyms like Barre, Orangetheory and Cross Fit.  Meetup groups for all types of outdoor fitness activities are plentiful as well.

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Food Fanatics rejoice!  Atlanta is a foodie city. It boasts restaurants by big-name chefs like Hugh Acheson, Kevin Gillespie, Richard Blais, Kevin Rathbun and soon Sean Brock.  If healthy eating is a top priority Atlanta has health-focused restaurants including many vegetarian options, several natural grocery chains and even personal chefs.

A city of flowers and foliage. Flying into Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport, visitors know they are landing in a beautiful southern city when they spy a sea of green trees among all the city lights.  Despite the rampant growth in Atlanta, the warm climate and moderate rainfall ensure the city stays lush.

Festivals big and small. With the warm climate most months of the year, festival lovers can find something to suit all of their interests. Music lover? Art enthusiast? Food Fanatic?  There are festivals for all these passions and more. Check sites like Thrillist for listings.

Play ball! Team sports are covered in Atlanta. Six iconic teams rule Atlanta including the Falcons, Thrashers, Hawks and Braves. Arenas like The Georgia Dome are top notch so sports fans have every comfort imaginable while supporting their team.

Dress to impress. Fashionistas can find what they want to stay on trend. Not just high fashion but Atlanta has a significant hipster community and there are vintage stores to keep every one of them dressed to impress.

Sense of Community. Atlanta is very diverse and people often choose to live in one of Atlanta’s many communities that is most in line with their culture, beliefs or lifestyle to enjoy day to day life to the fullest. 

Star status. Not just a hip-hop mecca, but Atlanta is becoming the next Hollywood. Atlanta has seen an increase in films and the stars in them.  In 2008, Georgia implemented one of the country's most aggressive film tax incentive programs which has lured movies such as The Hunger Games to the city. 

Accessible. Do you love to travel or travel frequently for business? Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport can get travelers most anywhere in the world with a direct flight. Atlanta is also less than a six hours drive from many great locations such as Savannah and Hilton Head. 

The Chattahoochee River.  Atlanta may be landlocked but it has some beautiful water views thanks to this 430 mile long river.  Water lovers can raft it in the warmer months, walk or jog river parks year round, enjoy restaurants with river views and even spot some weddings taking place on the river edge.