What is content strategy?

A few short years ago I was able to grow a division of my business by 800% in a single year. 

"How did you do that, Stephanie?"

It wasn't difficult for me because I knew what to do--and I am a natural salesperson, but that's not enough.  I employed a variety of tactics that all supported my goal of growth in a specified area. I knew my target demographic, where to find them and how to get them to want what I had. 

This may shock some of you but it wasn't even difficult. I laid the groundwork and clients came to me fairly effortlessly. I also have a 100% close rate. *mic drop*

This is exactly how content strategy works. It sounds mystical to some businesses but simply put, it's a way to reach potential customers, inform and entice them and ultimately convert them to buy your product or service.

This is not something you want to leave to chance or do inconsistently. If you're serious about business growth your content strategy is critical.

  1. Special events or promotions won't grow your business. But you need them.
  2. Social media marketing will likely grow some of your business. You need it.
  3. White papers and sales letters can grow your business. But not on their own. 
  4. SEO optimized blogs and articles won't grow your business. But you need them.

Additional strategies based on the type of business you have will also be part of your content plan.  By doing them all effectively and consistently is how your business will grow.

A content strategy that uses well-crafted copy develops trust, informs, (can) entertain, entices and helps to make your brand memorable and desirable. Marketing is too important to leave to mediocre writing.

How is your content strategy working for you?