How Setting Up A Blog Can Impact Your Business

Whether you’re a new or established business setting up a blog for your business comes with many benefits you may have overlooked.  You could buy expensive ads to get traffic to your site but  many businesses prefer to get found a bit more organically online. Blogging is the way to do it.

Teacher can you teach me?

You very likely have a good idea of who your customer is and why they would seek you out.  If not,stop reading right now and go work on that. Otherwise read on.  Are you selling locally sourced bamboo cutting boards? Or maybe hand knitted sweaters using domestic cotton.  A green home remodeling business? You can target your customer knowing who is buying these specific items and educate them on the importance .

Get discovered

You’re a star and you didn’t even know it! You blogs can be fed directly to your social media. Even if you don’t have a large following yet, topics, keywords and hashtags are still searchable in social media feeds regardless of if someone is following you or not.  When setting up a blog you want to make sure your post titles are catchy and shareable. People share titles, not content. Think about back in grade school. The kid with the most snazzy lunch pail contents is the one everyone wanted to trade with. The baloney sandwich and apple got no love.

Know it all - establish yourself as an industry expert

As you are setting up a blog you can write posts directly related to your industry to demonstrate to your readers how knowledgeable you are.  Additionally blog posts will drive traffic for consumers seeking out businesses that are in the industry.

Whoa is it rush hour or is it just me?

This is the main reason businesses choose to set up a blog for their website.  Search engines love to crawl around the world wide web and sniff out the search terms your prospective customer may be entering into that blank white box before they hit “send”.   Chose your words wisely and this can lead buyer's right to your page!   Regularly posting quality content that engages and informs your readers is a solid method to steadily increase sales.


I just want to get to know you

A blog can show off the personality of you and your brand!  Of course you want to be professional and informative but there is a whole fun gray area to show off your style.  If you’ve got a small family business you can  mention a little about kids activities, favorite traditions,  hobbies,  and even a little history. These personal touches help your audience connect to you so you’re not just another place to buy from but a real business they want to support.

Remember that time dad got stuck in the mud when he was trying to get mom’s hobby shed built so she stopped cluttering up the kitchen?  What about the trip to Europe that inspired you to start the business in the first place?


Seal the deal

“Will you  marry me?” That is a real life call to action.  She sees the ring, knows the man, takes time to consider and she can close the deal or walk away. That’s what your blog can do. Tell a story, keep them engaged and have a call to action at the end. You can form some topics around your product or service that will encourage a reader to become a customer by the end of the story. You sly devil.