Event trends in 2015

Appeal to all age groups in the work place

Think about designing a multi generational crowd pleaser.   Whether it is team building, product launches , corporate meetings or gala type special events you can be sure nearly every group will have attendees from every generation. Modern décor to keep GenX feeling relevant and elegant refinement that appeals to the baby boomer set.  Team building trends are focused more on appealing to all ages like trends in health vs. a music act which can be polarizing by age group.  Lively fundraisers can be had with a real time funds thermometer. If you’re looking for silent auction items to get guests to show up and feel excited about bidding you need to think of exciting things to bid for!

Fundraising ideas to appeal to many tastes:

  •  Once in a lifetime vacation experiences
  • Music and sports memorabilia
  • Unique experiences for children. Parents will love something that leaves a positive lasting impact on their child.
  • Luxe vacation rentals

You won’t have to spend time chasing vendors that want to donate these types of items.  There are fundraising consignment companies out there to do this for you.  Offerings change from time to time so check back to see updated items to freshen up each event you plan.


Keeping local

Because of the expense and logitstical issues that come with travel, staying local ideal because it keeps travel costs to a minimum. Choose a space that is centrally located.


Food will always been the focus             

Event space can really wow guests at galas, corporate events, weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs but the food needs to have the same wow factor as the visual appeal.  Food trends in 2015 include:

  • artisan cheeses and house made artisan ice creams
  • gluten free cuisine
  • Nontraditional fish 
  • hyper-local sourcing
  • estate branded items
  • new cuts of meat
  • natural ingredients and minimally processed food
  • sustainable seafood
  • locally grown produce
  • environmental sustainability

With all the great farms in each state you can virtually design a menu around that alone! State vineyards, lush dairies, local abundant produce and meats can all be star focal points at your event. You can even consider adding touches of farm to table flair to the table displays of food for your guests to really appreciate the locally sourced ingredients they are enjoying at the event.  Base your menus on seasonal items.

The bar

Classic cocktails are always in style but impressing your guests with current trends on your menu adds extra flair to any type of event.   This is also important in keeping all the adult generations happy at your events.  Let a mixologist design some signature drinks for your event that will have your guests talking and more importantly, remembering!

2015 drink trends include

  • Gin is important again. It’s not your grandparents drink. Vodka had been the mixer standby but perhaps only because of its utter lack of flavor. Gin has a flavor and it is complex AND it’s one that lends itself to many unique cocktails.
  • Savory drinks- not just a bloody mary but think more flavor and no sugar. These creative cocktails take inspiration often from the kitchen as chefs and mixologists collaborate more with pairings. Savory drinks tend to be better companions with food than their sweeter counterparts.
  • Drinking your greens. Naturally it is to be expected the green juice trend would work its way into cocktail hour. Not just actual green juices but other vegetables really shine here. Bright, balanced and earthy juices like carrot, beet, celery, cilantro, parsnip and snap pea are examples of flavors that do savory very well. 
  • Keep it spicy. Not just with heat but the gamut of spices in the market. Nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, cayenne, cardamom, coriander and even soy sauce are appearing in modern drinks. It doesn’t have to taste like the holidays but rather a warm complex blend that is as satisfying as a main course.

A statement entrance

This will always set the tone for an event.  The outside should give an impactful visual that makes your guest feel like they don’t want to be anywhere but where that door leads.