Company Newsletter post sample-Quality Carriers, Ft. Worth, TX

In 1982 Founder and Owner, Leo Massey began driver work for Cletex in Cleburne, TX.  Cletex was an independent carrier until 1989 when it was purchased by Buddy Wood and affiliated with Montgomery Tank Lines.  A few short years later 1989 Massey was asked to join the Montgomery Tank Lines team by Buzz Babbit.  In that time Massey served in various roles such as Dry Bulk national sales, Regional Sales Manager and eventually Regional Vice President.  The Fort Worth terminal was in his region at the time Clarence Wasson announced his retirement in 1999, the Affiliate was clearly a natural fit for Massey. 

 Massey and wife Anita Affiliated in 1999 under the name Leo S. Massey, Inc DBA Quality Carriers of DFW.  In 2002 Leo and Anita’s youngest daughter, Teressa was recruited to join his team.  In 2009 Leo retired due to illness.  Anita and Teressa continued managing the business at that time through current day operations.

 The Massey family attributes a large part of their success from the hard work of employees and drivers on a daily basis.  Establishing a sense of family is a key factor that is critically important to the Massey’s.  This extends to the entire staff, the majority of which have been with QC of DFW since its 1999 inception. Currently there are 34 employees, 44 trucks 25 of which are Affiliate owned.

A signature attribute in QC of DFW is that the current operation is wholly owned and managed exclusively by women. When Leo Massey had his stroke which sent him to early retirement the company certainly suffered in this unexpected and challenging time of transition. The suffering was short lived when Anita and Teressa took the helm and lead the business back to strength and financial health.

 Additional notable facts: The 14 acre property terminal is unique because it has Trucking, Trailer Maintenance and Heavy Duty Diesel repair and Tank Cleaning.  Tank Cleaning is operated by Qualawash Holding.  The most unique part of the operation is the 75 spot Transload facility.  Where they transload from rail car to truck dry and liquid chemicals.  Solvent, Hydrochloric & Fluorosilicic Acid, plastic pellets, motor oil and sand to name just a few.  

 Leo is still in the picture from time to time looking out for his family and the business. He is enjoying retirement more with the pride he has seeing his daughter successfully run the business he started over a decade ago. Looking to the future of QC of DFW, growth is always the goal with a special focus on the Transload operation with trucking being a close second. Rewarding the team that facilitates the continued success is always a great pleasure for the Massey’s. It’s all in the family, by blood or by choice, only together can they continue to make the Affiliate a success.